Monday, January 7, 2019


Ask me three times and it's time to write a blog.  This weekend three people asked me "When do you expect to have more Fragonia™?" so it's time to update you all on the status.

The short answer is, if customs clearance is working, this week.   The long answer is, "It's complicated."

As most of you know, a disastrous fire destroyed the ONLY plantation in the world producing  Fragonia™  over two years ago.  John and Petra Day replanted, but trees take time to grow.  They allowed me to purchase most of their remaining product, and we have doled it out over the past two years.

The GOOD news: The initial harvest took place from the young trees in December, was distilled, and shipped.

The BAD news:  Because the trees are young, the initial harvest was very small.  When it arrives, please do not hoard.  We all (as a community) need to make this small supply last until next winter's harvest.

The incoming shipment is still en route, but we promise to let youknow as soon as it's available for purchase.  Stay tuned!


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