Wednesday, October 5, 2011

AIA Conference

For the last week, Christi, Jim and the rest have been very competently running the show without me.  I had the great gift of being able to attend the Alliance of International Aromatherapist's conference in Minnetonka.   I've been emailing various presenters asking for permission to share some of what they shared with us, but so far have not heard back.

Most of you know that Christi recently completed the aromatherapy course offered by Laraine Kyle Pounds at the Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy.  I was privileged to spend a lot of time with Laraine at the conference.  

She is such a wealth of knowledge!

I wish I hadn't left my camera in the room for most of the conference. My first night there I had dinner with Jane Buckle, and throughout the conference got to meet and spend time with so many of her instructors that we've worked with for years, but never had met face to face! Hugs and laughter and "we have to test that"... Debi Rodriguez was the genius behind our MERCY line of products. We sat and brainstormed other oils to try and other blends, to see if we can find milder, gentler dilutions that will be as effective. When the dust settles lots of samples will be headed her way for plating.

During the  last session, Sara Holmes made an impassioned plea for support for the United Aromatherapy Effort.  We've supported the UAE for years, and some of you have, as well. One idea that came out of the AIA conference was that perhaps some state or regional leaders could step forward to help Sylla and Geraldine with their organizing and fund raising activities.  There are a lot of skills that could be used in furthering their efforts. Please contact the UAE through their website if you are willing to volunteer.  That's Sara, with outgoing president Lora Cantele in the background.
 Probably the best part of the conference, for me, was the chance to sit and socialize and talk shop with old and new friends.  No one here in Nashville does what we do, and I don't have the chance to talk about healing and the oils and all the passion we feel very often, so getting to share experiences...good and a gift.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner were filled with laughter and hugs as old friends reconnected, and we finally were able to put faces to the names we've seen onscreen for years.   An after lunch grouping with Nancy and Dr. Raphael D'Angelo, Cynthia Loving (from North Carolina...a new friend and sister I'd not met yet), Sara again, and me. 

As to why I'm not yet back in the office... on the way to Baggage Claim in Nashville's airport someone cut in front of me dragging a long train of luggage. I was looking up, not down. It's amazing how fragile toes can be, even when properly shod.  EXPERIENCE to share.   an ounce of our Arnica Infused oil, with about 1 to 1.5 mls Corsican Helichrysum added does wonders to ease the pain of a broken bone.  So far it has NOT done much for the bruising and swelling, unfortunately.  Yes, we had it Xrayed, yes it is broken.
No I've not yet made an appointment with an Orthopedic doctor. I keep being told I should Meanwhile, the Arnica and Heli make it easy to cope with (unless I try to walk too much, then I remember it's broken.)


EponaRae said...

Glad you had such a good conference...But Oh-my-gosh your toe!!! Oh honey, you really had to one up me? Done and done. Arnica-Heli to the rescue!
XO, Rae

Teresa Y Green, L. Ac. said...

Poor thing! In Chinese medicine, there is a powder called Yunnan Baiyao we use that works very similarly to arnica and helichrysum. I usually use all three together if there's a bad wound. The powder can be used topically or taken internally. Might be able to find it at a local acupuncturist.