Thursday, October 6, 2011

PostPartum Depression

The "takeaway" from last weekend's conference that leaps out at me was research presented by a friend and client, Pam Conrad RN, BSN, PGd, CCAP.    I am not going into the specific details of her study and of the statistical results that followed;  the basic bottom line was that Pam found that a very mild blend of Rose Oil and Lavender Oil had a significant effect on reducing serious cases of Postpartum Depression.

The women in the control group had been wrestling with the depression for various lengths of time. All were involved in support groups and other forms of help, but still suffering.

A simple blend of Rose and Lavender (because Rose is so overpowering, I would use perhaps three parts lavender to one part rose oil) added to an unscented lotion, or just sniffed from an inhaler made an amazing difference in the emotional wellbeing of almost all the participants.

I remember when my second son was borne.  We were in Germany; an army officer's family.  There was a mail strike going on, so no letters, cards or packages from home, the boys' dad was gone much more than he was home. I remember thinking "I have this beautiful little boy and no one even cares."  I also remembering trying to find a way to pack up my two boys and escape to the States.   Sheer unalloyed misery.  Forty odd years ago we didn't know about postpartum depression, and I certainly knew nothing about the healing powers of these wonderful oils.  But today we know.  

If I were to blend this for a friend I would use a weak dilution...not more than 2% at the very most. (A 2% dilution would be 12 drops of the blended essential oils to one fluid ounce of lotion or massage oil.)  Perhaps adding 48 drops (or two mls) of the blended oils to a four ounce bottle of our Silken Skin Lotion would work nicely.

Postpartum depression is an insidious disease. So many of us feel guilt and shame - this should be one of the happiest times of our lives, what's wrong with us that we are miserable?  We have the power to bring an end to that misery...what a gift.  Thank you Pam for conceiving of the study and carrying out the work, and sharing your results so that other women may benefit!

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The Graham Family said...

Thank you for sharing this. I'm pregnant with my 6th child (only 3 weeks along) and already experiencing the anti-partum OCD (I've had OCD with all 5 previous births). I'll give this a try and see if this helps.