Friday, September 2, 2016

Blue Tansy Quandary

"Are you going to be offering Blue Tansy this year?" When I am asked this question several times in a week, it's time to write about it.

And the answer, of course, is "I hope so!"

But it is not that simple. Last year we were unable to make it available.

A fairly well known US reseller has it in stock. We have seen others offering it, and of course requested a sample. The GC/MS appears to be within limits... in all honesty I can't tell, by looking at the analysis, compared to the analysis of the absolutely stunning oil we offered two years ago, what the significant differences are. This specimen is higher in Camphor, a bit lower in Chamazulene... and a LOT lower in some components both labeled dihydro-chamazulene isomers (different isomers) which are derived from the matricine that converts to chamazulene during distillation.. 

I don't know which of the minor components that is higher in this specimen then our our past specimens give this a different undernote, a different dry down,  than we have come to expect.

More specifically, I don't know what components in Blue Tansy give it its amazing anti-allergen properties.  It may be that this sample with its odd drydown will give marvelous anti-allergen effects. Or not.

But there is something "different" about has the sweet top note I expect, but there''s a bitter undernote that makes me think of, perhaps, Yarrow... more astringent than the Tanecetuum (Tanacetuum annuum) ought to be... Christi loves Blue Tansy, uses a LOT of it, and has declined to take this sample home. That says something significant.

My French supplier anticipates having a new crop of Blue Tansy in stock at the end of September. We have chosen to gamble, and not to order what is currently available.

I trust we have chosen wisely. I just don't think what I've been offered is what you expect from Nature's Gift, and I'd rather wait, in hopes of matching the quality of the superb oil we had two and three years ago, than offer something that I know is not what we had hoped.

Waiting, with fingers crossed.


Unknown said...

If it doesn't seem right, it probably isn't. Glad you are waiting. Hopefully the new crop will be what it is supposed to be. I have a good stash of the good stuff, but hoping to see more since I also use it quite a bit. Thanks for keeping the integrity and not being willing to settle for a lesser oil.

Trish Ross said...

You are known for integrity and quality. Thank you.