Thursday, September 1, 2016

New vs. Old

We have received several questions about our new bottles.  The supplier that we have used for at least a dozen years occassionally changes their suppliers.   They changed their 15 ml cobalt bottles a few months ago, and we have just recently started using the "new" ones.
New (left) Old (right)

The new bottles are visibly taller and a bit slimmer.  (They are also straighter. The older ones had an almost imperceptible bow which made applying labels a challenge!)    Several people have questioned whether the new bottles hold as much.

The answer is yes!  Because we no longer pour "by eye" to some imaginary fill line on the bottles.  We use laboratory pipettors to precisely measure the quantity dispersed in each bottle.  

Scary looking gizmo!  Michelle uses these most often.  the large plastic (disposable) vessel on the end holds perhaps 4 ounces (or 100 mls? I forget!) of essential oil.  The process? Insert the point in the beaker of essential oils, fill to capacity.  Release measured, metered quantities of the essential oil into the bottles. The larger tip measures out 5 and 7.5 ml. Five mls for the 5  ml bottles. A double dose of 7.5 mls for the 15 ml bottles.    There is a smaller tip that is used for filling the 2 ml bottles and sample vials. Because of that, I can tell you that our free samples, the ones poured en masse, for our sampler packs, hold 1/2 ml of essential oil or carrier.

Obviously these dispensers don't work for the very thick oils, Vetiver, etc. We wish they did! 

One of these days we'll get a video of Michelle filling, capping, and labeling the bottles, then you'll see the whole process.

In case you were wondering...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Marge. -Shelsea

Unknown said...

Cool! (Love the table btw) That's a neat little device you got there. Please do shoot a quick video.