Saturday, April 28, 2018

Common Sense - Canines

We have now received our second panicked call from a client whose dog somehow got hold of an essential oil sample. "What should I do?"  In both cases the caller did not know what was in the vial. "The label is off (or smeared.)"

First of all, I don't for the life of me see how a canine can remove the cap from a properly closed sample vial.  Apparently they did NOT break the glass (which would be my greatest worry! Splinters of glass being far more dangerous than 1/2 ml of essential oil or blend.)

PLEASE do not call us.  Call your Vet.

Do not induce vomiting.   Try to rinse the animal's mouth with water. (Perhaps wipe with a wet cloth, since dogs don't do the 'rinse and spit' thing.)

Folks, our labels say "Keep out of reach of children." We should not have to add "and pets."  Take care of your furkids. They do NOT know that these oils can harm them.  You do.  Be careful.

Sammy says, "be careful!"

Another thought, because we get asked a lot about using oils on our fur family.   We don't recommend it.  Unless you are prepared to do a lot of research, please use our hydrosols as home remedies for your dogs, cats, and even birds. (Christi gives her budgies a spritz of German Chamomile Hydrosol as a special treat, and they give her thank you kisses!.)

Neroli Hydrsol, either as spritz, a drop in the water bowl, or wet your hands with the hydrosol and wipe him down with them can ease anxiety.  (Remember, Neroli is the specific for anxiety. It works well for animals, as well as humans.)

Any of the anti-inflammatory hydrosols can help with hot spots and skin irritations,  Helichrysum, Yarrow, or either Roman or German Chamomile, even Lavender. (My two prefer the Chamomiles.)  This is a start.

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