Saturday, May 30, 2009

Molluscum contagiosum and Lemon Myrtle Oil

Molluscum contagiosum is a viral skin infection causing wart like lesions on the skin. Most forms primarily infect children, although there is one form that is sexually transmitted and affects adults. It is passed by direct contact. See WebMD for more information.

Allopathic treatment seems to be limited to either freezing the lesions off, removal by laser, or the use of certain chemicals. These options all leave the possibility of scarring, and none kill the virus.

Unfortunately, there has been one widely publicized study showing that a 10% dilution of Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil (Backhousia citriodora) has been effective in treating the lesions. I was unaware of this study until a client called sourcing the oil, for this use on his two year old.
I urged him NOT to use it, because Lemon Myrtle is such a strong skin irritant. However he quoted the study, and went blythely on his way using it on his toddler. (I've not heard back from him, and would like to.)

I contacted Dennis Archer, the grower/distiller of the first organic Lemon Myrtle plantation in Australia, and author of the reference book by the same name.

His response to my query:
"10% Bac Cit...when I read that, I nearly fell off my chair...seems like a recipe for disaster to me...and criminal to boot...research wasn't paid for by an EO producer, by any chance? If you would forward the link, I'd be
appreciative...I suspect it would be VERY irritating, and the odds on
becoming sensitised would be enormous."

In my opinion, NO ONE knows more about the practical applications and appropriate use of Lemon Myrtle Oil, and when Dennis says it's dangerous. It IS!

(An aside...many of the sources that quote the study using Lemon Myrtle oil in a 10% dilution also note that at even a 1% dilution, Backhousia citriodora can irritate the skin.)

There are other essential oils that also have powerful anti-viral effects that should prove helpful, without the pain and irritation that treatment with Lemon Myrtle oil is bound to cause. Studies indicate that Tea Tree oil is also effective, although not as rapidly as the Lemon Myrtle Oil.

My first choice would be (for a very young child) Ravintsara Essential oil Cinnamomum camphora ct Cineole, with its high content of 1.8 Cineole. For an adult I might go with Ravensara Aromatica. Perhaps the addition of Niaouli (Melaleuca quinquenervia) for both its anti-viral and its immunostimulant effects would also be appropriate.

For a carrier, I would choose a blend of Calophyllum inophyllum (Foraha, or Tamanu), perhaps with some Rose Hip Seed oil added.

Molluscum contagiosum is one of several "enveloped viruses"... a category that also included the various forms of herpes. The exact mechanism of how essential oils work to counteract these viruses is incertain, but the oils are believed to interact with the viral envelope. For this reason, it appears logical to assume that the oils and combinations proven effective against herpes and shingles should also be effective against Molluscum contagiosum.


Anonymous said...

I would trust you and any of your mentors.
I do wonder if part of the issue is that you and your mentor are looking at killing the virus while mainstream medicine has worked on the premise that the wart must be very irritated so that the body activates its own immune response to the wart. That is why warts are treated in the manner they are.
I would guess the study was either done by or funded by mainstream medicine.
Bonnie Kilgannon MS APRN NP

Marge said...

Thanks Bonnie.

I just don't see "burning them off"...which is what the Lemon myrtle oil at 10% would do, as the optimal cure.

Anonymous said...

I found this link that references the muluscum you where intereseted in. I have also found a site the sells Lemon Myrtle soap.

Anonymous said...

To all,

In my experience, Molluscum is CURED easily by 10% lemon myrtle extract in alcohol. Of course there is some minor burning and irritation, but lasers and scraping are no better and only treat the symptoms.
I have zero doubt the it is 100% effective against the virus.

Unknown said...

As I respect all comments and information provided in this blog, I would use it on my 2 year old. Look at it purely medically... In short the skin lesion of MVC is caused by the waste product of the virus on the epidermis (top layer) of the skin. The use of Lemon Myrtle in treatment of the skin lesion is to act on the skin lesion and viral waste alone. There is already skin irritation and yes, more can, and most likely will occur, when the essential oil is placed on the lesion in its diluted form. Dilution should be carefully preformed and only potent enough to penetrate the epidermis. It should be used for a short period of time and isolated areas that can be monitored daily.
Benefits of getting rid of active warts from the skin is to decrease and stop autoinfection.

BruiserMommy said...

Is there a way you could compound your safer treatment for molluscum?
I too found this cure via wiki.
I found your site while trying to order Lemon Myrtle, and read your blog. I understand that the lemon myrtle oil is harsh- but so is the Retinal A gel stuff the doctor prescribed, and it has a lesser effectiveness rating. My little guy is getting scars and secondary infections from this stuff (both the virus and the treatment!) and I came to order the Lemon Myrtle oil in hopes it would be more effective quicker- seeing your comments about possibly becoming reactive is making me think twice about "just going ahead and getting it."
Any help you can provide is welcome.

Marge said...

On the "other" blog article about Molluscum there is some feedback by a mother who used our suggested blend of Calophyllum and Ravensara... I'm going to quote it here: "My daughter has been suffering from Molluscum for several months and have been to dermatologist twice to have them "burned off" only to have more appear and continue to spread. I was at my wit's end when I came across this blog. I was skeptical, but was out of ideas. I ordered the Ravensara in calophyllum blend and within a couple of weeks - all spots have completely disappeared and I haven't seen any new breakouts. We had amazing results and I felt the need to share. Thank you so much for this blog!!
August 9, 2011 7:55 PM"

Please look at and see the diluted Ravensara under the main listing. In one of the blog articles we discuss the use of 'anti-herpes" and "anti-shingles" blends for Molluscum. this might well be the solution for you.

Anonymous said...

i used it on my one year old with 100% success!... careful with dilution in olive oil

Anonymous said...

A friends doctor told her to put pimple cream on her kids molluscum and it dried it right up and it all disappeared. It was an over the counter product.

MElaistiGirl said...

Just thought I'd add my two cents about lemon myrtle... I discovered this amazing stuff on a visit to Australia earlier this year. I bought a variety of skin care products featuring lemon myrtle from a woman at a nature preserve, and now I can't get enough! I certainly respect the warnings you have posted, but the Australians swear by lm for everything from dry skin to head lice. After quickly plowing through my Aussie salt scrub, face and body creams and lip balms--all steeped heavily in lemon myrtle--I decided to order some of the essential oil and make some of my own products. My husband and I have been using my homemade creations for six or seven months now, and we haven't had any issues with skin irritation anywhere on the body. And we have used these products all over--from lips to toes and every sensitive area in between... absolutely heavenly on dry or irritated skin) My stepdaughter is especially fond of the amazing cuticle butter I made. Anyway, I realize this is only anecdotal, but no problems here! I will say, though--a little goes a very long way. I estimate it would make up less than five percent of the total volume of any product I made.

Anonymous said...

I also used it diluted 10% in olive oil, for this condition on my 3 and 8 year olds. Worked like a charm!! Pediatricians in Australia have recommended it for that use. It did not burn or hurt either of my children. They put it on themselves with a Q tip.

fa said...

So I bought the Ravensara Essential Oil and Calophyllum Inophyllum Oil, however I have not been able to find the mixing ratios. What have others done for Molluscum. Any direction on drops per Oil would be great. Thanks for such an amazing post. Im looking forward to posting my feedback.

Marge said...

Frank, what I have seen and been told of is a 25% dilution..very strong... one part Ravensara to 3 parts calophyllum, apply with a qtip directly to the lesions.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure which plays the more important role, the EO or the carrier, but this blend (one part Ravensara to three parts Tamanu) works beautifully. Thank you! I found this blog after our son's doctor recommended Australian Lemon Myrtle.

Anonymous said...

Just ordered the Ravensara Essential Oil with Calophyllum for my 7 year old.
Do I have to dilute? If yes, what do I use to dilute? and the ratio of course.
How often should it be applied?
Thank you!

Unknown said...

Hi I used lemon mertle diluted with olive oil on my son and it has burned him on and around the molluscum. Can I do anything to make it better. I wish I saw this article before....I saw so many reviews I thought I had researched well and found the safest option 😔😢 any help would be appeciated.