Friday, May 29, 2009

One Hospital at a Time

We are all so excited at a friend's good news we can't stand it, and I have to blog about it!

Because some official decisions have not been made yet, and official announcements not been announced, we are having to keep our friend's name and location a secret for now.

But... in a hospital somewhere WAY north of middle Tennessee there is a Nurse-Aromatherapist who currently is director of an Urgent Care Unit. Now, this is a big job. And one where she is encouraged to use her aromatherapy skills and gifts and training. But...not the ideal location for their best use.

Our friend just called us. Her hospital is opening a... what to call it... a complimentary care center? a holistic health center? A place where people can be treated without the use of prescription drugs, if desired. And our friend is going to be in charge! (When she called, she called it "the Aroma Center." Somehow I don't think that name will stick.)

She's already talking about design, and what services they will be able to offer, and what products. (Of course we're excited about the "what products"...we're only human!)

This is the friend who first sparked the idea of our MERCY line of products, and did the lab testing to find the correct blends and dilutions to ensure effectiveness against MRSA infections.

We owe her so much...and are just so delighted with this new door that is opening for her.Seeing another hospital opening a holistic, or complimentary, or alternative center (no matter what you choose to call it!) delights us, as well.

Takes the bad taste out of my mouth from the book I was reading that "proves" complimentary medicine is just a waste of time and effort.

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EponaRae said...

Oh, Marge--How exciting! This IS big news. You could help do so much good for folks who need it so exciting!