Sunday, June 5, 2011

Input regarding Kindle, please.

I'm seeking some advice regarding the 2nd edition of my book, Essential Oils and Aromatics, from those of you who have read it, or those of you who use Kindle.

The distributor is sold out, Amazon and the other major outlets are sold out, the distributor says they have backorders for the book. The publisher refuses to even discuss a second printing. (Since the publisher also refuses to discuss total books sold, royalties due me contractually, etc., I wouldn't trust him to print another run anyway.) 

I am contemplating "self publishing" a second edition,  as well as putting the file together for Kindle.  I'm thinking that there might be some advantages to having it in an Ebook format, since it would be so easy to search for something.   (My Kindle is only a week old, so I am far from an expert on its use!)

At any rate - I can put the documentation file that I used when writing it together for Kindle.   And that same file would be the basis of the second edition.  But I have some decisions to make, and would love input.

If you have the first edition (and a lot of you do!) are there areas that you feel I should have covered that were omitted?  I know we have learned of a lot of new fixed oils and essential oils in the five years since it was originally written, so adding them is an obvious choice.  But are there areas that I skipped that should be included?

Also...if you are a KINDLE reader.  What I have so far is a text file.  Because all I've read so far on my Kindle were books that I wanted and couldn't find locally, and it was faster to download than to order from Amazon.  All novels; straight text.  The question now is, with a Kindle book, should I include graphics? Photographs similar to those in the book.  (The publisher retained copyright to the graphics, but I think most came from IStockPhoto and this time *I* would get to choose them!)

Two questions then:  What should be added to the book and whether a Kindle edition should be illustrated.

thank you!


Lisa said...

If you do an ebook, please consider also doing a Nook version - B&N. :)

I've gotten several reference books for the Nook lately. I also converted some of my technical training PDF's. What I found is - very crisp, clear, illustrations are helpful. Illustrations that were originally very complex, or will end up small on a reader screen, are not.

Marge said...

Lisa, after I finish the formatting for the Kindle, I'll look into what's involved for the Nook. a definite 'we'll see', ok?

Jenn the Greenmom said...

This isn't an area I'm really expert on at all, but...if you had the book available in some general format AND the Kindle .azw format, I wonder if you might get an even wider audience? I know, as a Kindle user who subsequently got a tablet, I loved PDFs--I can read them on anything. Nooks have good color photos, Kindles not so much, tablets look just like a compute.

What I know nothing about is how Kindle works and how easy/hard it is to do the Kindle thing and whether you can have it for sale in different formats at the same time...

(But how AWESOME--to be able to say, "yeah, my book is in need of a second printing"...GO YOU!)

Anonymous said...

I haven't read your book, but as a kindle user, I know it is REALLY hard to use reference books on it. I've never seen one where you can use the index and it is very difficult to flip through a kindle book. On the other hand, the audience is growing and you could reach a lot of people with an e-version!

suensteveg said...

Hi Marge, yes, please make your book available in the Kindle e-book format! I use Kindle for the iPad, and am really enjoying its portability and the convenience of taking my reference library with me as I visit hospice patients. Your book would be a wonderful addition. Yeah!

AnneMarie said...

I haven't been able to find your book, and would LOVE to have it on Kindle! The only problem with illustrations is that they really have to be in black and white, so that could be a challenge. You might have to find someone who can turn a color photo or illustration into a black and white one (I'm available if needed! Would love to help you out!). Please put your second edition on Kindle! I'll be the first to buy it!

Marge said...

AnneMarie, it's available at most online bookstores...and on our website: Book