Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jojoba Shortage

For a few months now we've been reading about a world wide Jojoba shortage.  I regret that I rather acted like the proverbial ostrich with my head in the sand. One authoritative source indicated that the shortage should be over by the first of the year, and I knew we had enough of our Organic Golden Jojoba to last past then, so I did not further stock up when it was available.

The source indicating that the shortage would be over around the first of the year was not taking into consideration the hard frost that hit the Argentian crop last winter (Argentina's summer) and killed the new growth just as the buds were setting fruit.

The Israeli crop has been devastated by a drought, as has the Sonoran Desert, source of the Mexican and US crop.

The result of all these weather related disasters is that our producer of North American Organic Jojoba is sold out. Period.  We could have bought some organic Israeli product, but the cost would have been three times what we are used to paying, and I am not confident with the importer.  SO, for the time being we will be offering a certified non-sprayed Jojoba.   The land where it was grown is either in transition to organic status, but not there yet, or non-organic fertilizers may have been used there in the past two or three years.  It is produced by the producer we have dealt with for several years, and I am quite comfortable with the quality.

However, for those of you who really really really want to buy only the organic product, we have a very few retail bottles left in stock. You may order them here.  The little bit not already poured into retail sizes is being saved for some of our products that have 100% organic ingredients.

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