Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Government interference

Most of you know we make available several CO2 extracts. One of our most successful, in terms of making a difference, has been our organic Pomegranate CO2.  I am not providing a link to our online description of it nor am I going to talk about the successes that have been reported to us.  Why not?  Because I am a bit afraid to.

Last week we emailed the producer a fairly large order for several products, including more Pomegranate.  He wrote back that they could ship the rest of our order, but at that time, could not ship the organic Pomegranate.  NOT because they were out of stock; they had plenty.  But because one of our government agencies was forbidding import of the product "due to medicinal claims on the product specification."  The producer stated what the product COULD do, and cited research to prove it.   And because his GERMAN website made statements about what this product can do, we are denied the right to import it.

In the past this same government agency has forced us to remove or censor blog posts, and content on our website, including statements by happy clients, answers to client questions, and just sharing of experience.  Now they are also performing de facto censorship of company websites that are not even in this country.

It becomes more and more difficult to share what we know is true about the products we seek out and make available.    It would appear that the mantra of this all powerful agency is "Nothing natural can possibly heal."  Repeat after me: NOTHING natural can possibly heal. Nothing NATURAL can possibly heal.  Nothing natural can POSSIBLY heal.  Nothing natural can possibly HEAL. 

Has anyone here experienced recalls of essential oils and other extracts because of damage done to unwitting consumers?  No...that only applies to Rx drugs.  But nothing natural can possibly heal.


Sam said...

That is a shame.... I still love my EOs. No way am I giving those up ever. In fact, they just VERY GREATLY helped me IMPROVE my health. Gosh, soon you won't be able to sell anything "natural"!!

Linda Fitzpatrick said...

I am so sad to read that once again our Government would be sticking their noses into a place where obviously they don't understand. Without natural ingredients, ie: Essential Oils, I personally would still be suffering with horrible Psoriasis sores all over my arms and legs. I tried everything offered by modern medicine and nothing worked. When I started using "natural" substances I finally found my cure and relief from pain and embarrassment. The actions by this agency causes a person to think that they are in the back pocket of the drug manufacturers and not really interested in the well being of the people that they are supposed to serve.